Tio - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2020 - in Katoomba!

Tio (Vanuatu)

Tio Massing is a singer/songwriter from Ambrym island in Vanuatu who grew up immersed in traditional practices, customs and stories. His first interest in music was born from his early encounters with the traditional ‘tam tam’ (a wooden slit-drum) and songs in his language, Daakaka.

Now based in Port Vila, Tio is involved with many groups in the local music scene including local reggae and roots groups, Koncerners and Dropvcull. He has also collaborated with a broad range of artists from across the Pacific, Australia, Africa and Europe countries including members of Airileke, Blue King Brown, Kalja Riddim Klan, Simangavole, Kaumaakonga, Impossible Odds, Hermann Hartel, Natano Pasifika, Rize of the Morning Star, Tabura and Black Rose.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Tio switches between violin, ukulele, guitar, tam tam, djembe and bush bass. He is driven by his passion to mix traditional and contemporary beats and styles and share his traditions with other musicians. In Vanuatu, he is passionate about encouraging Ni-Vanuatu youth to use local instruments and create music based on their unique cultural rhythms and mother tongues.

His debut solo release self-titled EP released in 2015 produced by Chris Neehause, showcases Tio’s striking voice and musicianship. It was warmly received in both his native Vanuatu as well as in Australia.

Tio is currently working on his follow up album for release on Wantok Musik in 2019.