The Funk Klub - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2022 - in Katoomba!

The Funk Klub

The full blast of a Katoomba westerly was rattling the windows. Dr Funkenstein tried to smile, and heard a disturbing cracking sound. Was it his teeth, or his long-unused smile muscles? He brooded before the fire; gulped his red wine without tasting it. His lady-love spun a Chuck Brown record and a light-bulb exploded: the way out of this self-pitying funk was funk. But rather than churning out cheap James Brown covers, funking up other music might be funny and funky.

The doctor's imagination – a usually dark and cheerless place – saw people from eight to 80 laughing and dancing to The Funk Klub. Joining drummer Dr Funkenstein (John Shand) in bringing this monster to life are the low-emissions, hydro-driven keyboards of Professor Steam Funk (Nigel Glassey), Count Otto von Slappentickel (James Roy), who broke his tuba-playing family’s heart by taking up the bass, the recently defrocked priest/guitarist Brother Funk (Craig Reardon), the dangerously kilted singer Buddy McFunk (Andy McDonell) and the Queen of Slink, singer Doris Darque (Jill Day). Together they’ve scientifically proven that the Beatles, Kylie Minogue, Billie Eilish, Steven Sondheim and Nancy Sinatra are all long-lost musical siblings who can incestuously funk together to make non-stop dance raves