Rory Ellis & The Devil's Right Hand - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2022 - in Katoomba!

Rory Ellis & The Devil's Right Hand

Rory Ellis &The Devil's Right Hand comes to BMFF performing stripped down songs from Rory’s last 10 albums with every nuance to be heard.

With stories by the ton, and superbly written Americana music with a delicate wrench, this highly engaging trio will make you laugh, yell, shed the odd tear and possibly break into a raging two-step when you least expect it.
No pressure, only if you feel the urge. It features Rory Ellis on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Octave Mandolin and Crowd Control, Christian Marsh, a world renown master of the Chromatic and Diatonic Harmonica, to make you wonder how’s that possible, and Peter Kreft, one of this country’s dirty little secrets on Bass. A rose between two thorns maybe? Intrigued?

Fact is, that Rory has also performed extensively over many years at some of the best venues and festivals Internationally and in Australia including: Isle Of Wight Festival UK, Larmer Tree Festival UK, Shetland Folk Festival UK, Maryport Blues Festival UK, Port Fairy Folk Festival AU, National Folk Festival AU, Thredbo Blues Festival AU and so many more. To add, he has also performed alongside greats such as Robert Cray, Richie Havens, Charlie Mussellwhite, Eric Bibb, the list goes on.

An underground hero of Americana it’s been whispered. A master songsmith many have said. Yet, lauded by media worldwide on every single album to date.
Together these guys bring their massive individual histories into a formidable team for one reason. That is, to make sure you go home with a great memory, highly entertained, and knowing that you just made an important visit.