Nic Danta - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2020 - in Katoomba!

Nic Danta

Nic Danta is a Katoomba based singer-songwriter and one-time performer with the Spooky Men's Choral. Nic blends Dylan-style folk music with pop sensibility influenced by Billy Bragg and the Cure. Performing with Nic will be Blue Mountains legend, Neill Duncan, on drums and sax, Felicity Tonks, a classically trained cellist, Jake Matthews a multi-instrumentalist and Sarah Humphries (aka Sarah Wolf), the sublime singer with Eagle and The Wolf.

As a group, they create moody and emotional music with lyrics that tell intimate stories of people and place. 
Nic is working on an album, Buried at Sea, which will be launched to coincide with the Blue Mountains Folk Festival. The video for Black Dog, the first single from the album, will also be released at the festival.

As a solo performer, Nic has played at venues across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Dangar Island. Having worked with a diverse group of musicians, Nic has settled on the current line-up to deliver his latest cycle of songs. The current group have performed with Nic at the Winter Magic Festival and Katoomba Live and local.