Charles Maimarosia  - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2022 - in Katoomba!

Charles Maimarosia (Solomon Islands)

Charles Maimarosia is a contemporary musician born and raised in the remote Pipisu village of the Solomon Islands, being hailed as extremely a talented and dynamic performer by respected journalist Seth Jordan.

Charles developed a profound interest in Are’Are music at a young age after inheriting his first hand made coconut shell ukulele from his father. He later began performing amongst the community, communicating ancient songs of his ancestors with hand-made pan pipes.

In 2000, along with like-minded boys of his village, Charles formed the globally- recognised energetic panpipe orchestra known as Narasirato, acting as their former front man, choreographer and songwriter, incorporating traditional Are’are music and spirited dances.

Going on to perform for the first time in Australia, Cook Town, lead Narasirato to national and international festivals in Japan and the Middle East. My culture, My life hit #1 on Asia/Pacific charts from debut album Naratana Hiona.

In 2010 Charles relocated to Melbourne to focus on his solo career and has since toured with the legendary George Telek and released his debut solo EP with audiences agreeing Are’Are is refreshing to hear and a joy to behold.

His incredible music is deeply rooted in the Are’Are culture of his Malaita home – Are’Are is a cause for celebration.