The Langan Band - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2020 - in Katoomba!

The Langan Band

Unhinged, and musically extravagant, The Langan Band have become famous for performing an invigorating yet tight and precisely executed show. With a sense of abandonment for spontaneity and surprise, they always keep their audience on their toes.

The band formed shortly after John Langan won the prestigious Danny Kyle Award for new artists at Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow for his audacious, fresh and engaging rendition of a traditional song. It's this rare and potent ability Langan has with singing to captivate and have audiences believe songs, that is the core of their shows.

Flanked on one side by Alastair Caplin, a Hebridean classically trained violinist and a stalwart of the London prog and trad folk scenes, he's as adept at long bowed orchestral harmony passages as he is with swashbuckling dazzlingly quick tune playing and improvising. On the other side there's David Tunstall on Double Bass, sometimes utilising his sonorous bow technique in conjunction with caplin to create eerie soundscapes, but mostly he's fiercely pounding bass lines out that lock in seemlessly to Langan's foot operated percussion and fiery rhythmic guitar playing to produce irrisistable, high energy, bouncy grooves.

Their material draws from all that they've been exposed to and enjoyed about a whole range of music throughout their lives. It's as much progressive folk music as it is upbeat in your face alternative rock. It's hard to say what kind of music it is. For certain, their live show's priority is to have the entire audience dancing like it's their last chance!