Artists and Bands who performed at Blue Mountains Music Festival 2019

William Crighton - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2018 - in Katoomba!

William Crighton

The world abounds in symbols and ciphers; the Australian continent warms, its own unique portents, omens and code.

In the plumage of the black cockatoo, pictograms scrawled into the sand by the nails and scales of earthbound lizards, the glassy eye of the carrion crow glaring.

William Crighton identifies powerful analogues of lived experience. It's a gift that finds its truest expression yet on his landmark second album, Empire.

"William Crighton delivers the year’s best album, Australian or international, with the charged rock and heartfelt lyrics of Empire" –  Dave Faulkner, The Saturday Paper

Describing Empire, Crighton says, "This album is a result of doing what I've always loved to do and will always do—write songs about my experiences and relationships in the environment around me.My last album was the first time I was able to really look back and examine myself and my life in context. I guess I'll get more of a picture of what this album is to me the closer I get to the next one, it felt right to make" 

Produced by established producer and collaborator Matt Sherrod and recorded in a series of evocative settings, Empire expands Crighton's powerful sound into sprawling new planes and finds the singer-songwriter bringing a cinematographer's eye for detail to bear on his unique and immersive lyrical style.

"Like Tom Waits and Nick Cave, William Crighton is an original. But apart from that, he’s like no one else" – Stack Magazine

“Once in a lifetime a gig surpasses all expectations, slapping you in the face with its grace, majestic singing, the quality of the material, and, in this instance, the acoustic ambience of the venue… [it] demonstrated music's power to stir the heart and soul. In my all-time Top 10 that one.” – Iain Sheddon