Artists and Bands who performed at Blue Mountains Music Festival 2019

Chloe and Jason Roweth - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2019 - in Katoomba!

Chloë & Jason Roweth

Chloë & Jason Roweth have been researching and presenting the living tradition of Australian music for over twenty years. Drawing their inspiration from the warmth of old-style bush entertainment and folklore, the Roweths work with vibrant arrangements of new and old traditional Australian ballads and work songs, early country music, original music, poetry, yarns, and dance tunes weaving together and carrying forward many threads of the Australian tradition. They also specialise in themed presentations, forging unique combinations of music, folklore and social history.

As a professional recording and performing duo, Chloë & Jason Roweth have independently released over twenty CDs and two DVD packages since 1995. Their latest album, The Soul of a Poet – Songs and Poems of Henry Lawson includes evocative use of dance music from Lawson’s (and the Roweths') home country—central-west NSW, as accompaniment to recitations of Lawson's poetry, alongside the Roweths’ own original musical settings of Lawson’s work. The poems that resonate with Chloë and Jason tend to be those of a more complex and personal nature; verses that reveal 'The People's Poet' as a flawed genius, a creative artist, a revolutionary, and a humanist.

"Chloë and Jason Roweth's new album, The Soul of a Poet is an exquisite reimagining of some of Henry Lawson’s sharpest and most soulful words. Australian bush music as you’ve never heard it before – truly, do yourself a favour." – Kim Kelly, Writer

Other recent releases have been dedicated to two of Australia’s great songwriters and poets in John Dengate and Denis Kevans, and feature their work alongside traditional pieces and other contemporary artists. The Roweths seamlessly combine new and old, extending our understanding of the value and power of folk music, reflecting on modern Australia with all the depth of our strong traditional roots.