Artists and Bands who performed at Blue Mountains Music Festival 2019

Les Chaffeurs à Pieds - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2018 - in Katoomba!

Les Chauffeurs à Pieds (Canada)

Emblematic folk music band from Quebec

The Quebec City band has recently launched its eighth album entitled De ses couteaux microscopiques. 
This new album, in short, originates from 21 days in a canoe into the bush, recording sounds, writing poetry and jigs and reels, showing some art to animals! in order to defy Hydro-Quebec in stopping the dam constructions all over the province.
Their music is drawn from the traditional Quebec repertoire, redefining once again the limits of energetic folk music. Les Chauffeurs à Pieds are proud heirs of rich musical family traditions.

Louis-Simon Lemieux is the latest of several generations of fiddlers and foot tappers from the Gaspé peninsula. Since his tenderest youth, he has performed in kitchens and on stages with his father, with whom he also recorded two lively albums.
 Antoine Gauthier, a proud representative of the Quebec City fiddling style, recorded an album of his own original jigs and reels accompanied by his mother on piano. Alongside this generationally transmitted know-how, Benoit Fortier brings classical training at the graduate level in musical arrangement and interpretation for French horn and chamber music (not to mention the fact that he is the best recorder player in Canada). Rounding off the band, Olivier Soucy impresses with his very creative traditional guitar skills.

The four Chauffeurs are also vocalists with a fair number of songs up their sleeve. They have inherited the vocal timbres and unique way of singing of the elders who taught them. This legacy includes an impressive repertoire of traditional songs. 
With seven albums, several nominations for important awards, involvement in regional and international festivals, numerous radio and television broadcasts, collaborative projects with renowned musicians, laudatory praise from the popular media and from specialized publications, not to mention plenty of verve and musical intelligence, Les Chauffeurs à Pieds are a sure-fire bet for an electrifying event. They are also available for ceilidhs, workshops, or classes.