Volunteer Applications 2019

Dear 2019 volunteer applicant — thanks for your interest!

Blue Mountains Music Festival volunteers (16yrs+) have an awesome reputation for their energy, enthusiasm and friendly vibe.

In return for 10 hours volunteer duty (often 3 shifts + the volunteer briefing) you will receive a full weekend festival ticket, a crew t-shirt and an invite to the festival thankyou party - live music, prizes, food, and drinks supplied (date tbc).

Please note after submitting this online form you will be included on our eligibility list but not guaranteed a volunteer position until you have been contacted at a later date by one of our volunteer co-ordinators. This process takes some time, please be patient whilst we coordinate this.

Katoomba Public School P&C is festival partner and manages all volunteers. The festival effort is the major fundraiser for Katoomba Public School, Katoomba High School and Katoomba North Public School. When selecting volunteers we consider your previous festival experience, your connection with the Blue Mountains community and your availability. However we do accept new volunteers too.

Together with the festival directors we aim to run another smooth and enjoyable festival. We hope all festival patrons have a great time, including you. Please be helpful and friendly to all including ticket holders, performers, stage crew, and fellow volunteers.

Please ensure that you understand what we expect of you as a BMMF volunteer. By signing up to become a volunteer, you agree to the conditions set out below.

You will receive detailed information for your duties when your shifts are confirmed and at the volunteers briefing on the festival grounds, Thursday evening 14th March 2019, 6pm-7pm.

How you can be involved…

Click here to see a description of roles.

Volunteers Guidelines (must read)


You must agree to the Volunteer Terms & Conditions to apply for a volunteer position.

I have read the above information and agree to complete the required rostered hours during the festival. In exchange I am entitled to receive a full weekend pass, t-shirt and an invitation to the Volunteer party.

I have read and understood the Volunteer Guidelines and I agree to abide by these Volunteer Guidelines.

I understand that if I do not fulfill my part of the agreement (i.e. collect my pass but do not turn up to work my allocated shifts) I will be invoiced for a gate price Full Weekend Ticket. I understand that I may be dismissed for misconduct, escorted from the site and have future applications to volunteer declined. In the event of an accident, misadventure or illness I will contact the Festival at the earliest opportunity so that a replacement can be found.

You must confirm that you are over 16 years of age.

You must confirm that you are over 16 years of age to volunteer for duties at the festival.

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