Performers at Blue Mountains Music Festival 2019

10 String Symphony (USA) - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2018 - in Katoomba!

10 String Symphony (USA)

10 String Symphony is a creative partnership featuring two of Nashville’s most sought after musicians. Rachel Baiman and Christian Sedelmyer both play 5-string fiddles, sing in tight harmony and perform hard-hitting original songs, their band sound is both defined and enhanced by the limitations of their stripped back instrumentation (fiddles and an occasional banjo). An acoustic duo layered with modern sounds, their music reaches listeners both emotionally and intellectually. Baiman is a highly acclaimed Americana song-writer while Sedelmyer is a current touring member of the Jerry Douglas Band. “They do things with fiddles you wouldn’t expect” – NPR All Songs Considered. 

Two years after releasing Weight of the World, the sophomore recording which earned them attention from NPR: All Songs Considered, a #3 slot on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts, and took them on tour all over the US, UK and Australia, 10 String Symphony felt the desire to create a new type of album. Looking to expand their sound in an organic and authentic way, an extension of their two musical voices, rather than a layering of foreign elements, they sought out the talents of Scotland's Kris Drever. Kris is one third of BBC award-winning folk trio LAU and the 2017 BBC Folk Singer of the year.

With LAU, Kris has launched a formidable exploration of acoustic and electronic sounds, combining the rawness of traditional music with lush electronic soundscapes. 10 String Symphony travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland the month of April 2017 to work and arrange with Kris, culminating in 10 days recording in Pencaitland's Castlesound Studios. What emerged was Generation Frustration, a ten track album of original songs giving voice to the helplessness often felt by the Millennial generation with regards to politics, racism, poverty, privilege and a global climate crisis while living under the leadership of political parties that were largely voted in by an older generation. This division and subsequent collision of generations is exemplified musically through the sound of an acoustic duo layered over modern sounds, a combination of past and present that hits the listener both emotionally and intellectually.