Performers at Blue Mountains Music Festival 2019

The Mission Songs Project - appearing at the Blue Mountains Music Festival of Folk, Roots and Blues, 2017 - in Katoomba!

The Mission Songs Project

The Mission Songs Project faithfully explores the musical journey of Indigenous Australian music as Jessie Lloyd connects the traditional with contemporary and reveals the continuation of cultural practice into the twenty-first century.

These songs, some largely hidden from the outside world until now offer a unique window into life on the missions, reserves and the fringes of townships where Indigenous people were relocated. The collection consists of rare and almost forgotten songs that shed light and understanding into the history of our Indigenous communities.

An award-winning composer, performer and creative entrepreneur, Jessie Lloyd is a cultural practitioner of Indigenous music and song. Dedicated to the continuation of story and song through the performance of Indigenous music. Jessie has travelled Australia in search of hidden songs and lost stories to present this rare and unique Indigenous narrative.